Eibenheim Association

Space of Love for Self-Determination and Development of Consciousness

The Eibenheim Association promotes the joyful creation and design of living spaces for the development of individual abilities and talents on all levels of being human.

We report our impressions after more than a decade of living on a family country estate - with plants, animals, neighbours and other entities.
We share with you our experiences around a self-determined life, emigration, the family home and help you with other life questions.
What is behind the idea of family country estates, where does it come from and who is Anastasia?
Small treasures from the country estate - sewn, crocheted, carved, painted and and... produced with love and joy on the family country estate.


Read about us in "Just do it... could be good!"

Notice: This book is currently available in German only.
Do you dream of more freedom and self-determination? Of emigrating? A new start? Autarky? Nevertheless, maybe there is still some fear or scepticism? Then we recommend this book to you!
"With a great sense of humour, Yella describes how two "city mice" leave the system and set out for a self-determined "life in the countryside" in Hungary. She describes in detail the reasons for their decision, the steps they had to take to make it happen, and the experiences she and her partner have in their new adopted country and lifestyle. She particularly emphasises the aspects of personal responsibility and lifelong learning, while stressing that it is literally possible for anyone to take the step into the life of their dreams. Spiced with a good pinch of self-irony, this book encourages all those who still want a little push on the way to their individual paradise."
With checklists and suggestions for potential dropouts!
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Anyone who says "freedom reigns here" is lying. Because freedom does not reign.

Erich Fried

The association

At the end of 2021, we launched our association "Eibenheim - Space of Love for Self-Determination and Consciousness Development".
The association, whose activities are not profit-oriented, promotes the joyful creation and design of a living space for the development of individual talents and abilities on all levels of human existence. It serves as a navigation aid for people in becoming aware and in processes of change on a physical, mental and spiritual level in harmony with nature and the cosmos. The aim is to support all people who are ready to follow this path to live again from their heart and thus enable them to lead a conscious, holistic, loving and self-determined life. An essential part of becoming conscious is recognising the connections between all things from their origins. The impulses of like-minded people are to be strengthened and promoted in order to achieve a life-affirming way of life that corresponds to our spirit. The human being is at the centre of this association, he is seen as a unity of body, mind and soul and is introduced to a conscious and sustainable way of life by means of the power of the present. In this approach, new ways for a coexistence of man, environment and nature are explored and compared. Based on the knowledge gained, possibilities for application and implementation are researched and passed on to other people for utilisation by means of information and teaching activities.
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Here we keep you up to date on what's happening with us, what we're tinkering with, what's on our plates (and what's not), what inspires us - news and interesting facts about us, our country estate, the animals, the idea of the family country estate settlements, alternative lifestyles, FreiSein, upcycling, DIY and much more! Curious?
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About us

Who are we? What made us decide to spend our lives on a family estate? How long have we lived in Hungary? What did we do before that? What do we like to do?
We answer questions like these here.
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... Yew Tree Home?! The Yew -
The Tree of the Broken Circle

The yew tree has a dark aura, which can seem sinister to us. It breaks the cycle of the light circle of life. It gives us a glimpse into the dark side of being - all the way to the light that is born in the darkest. This is where eternity opens up. This is a plane beyond space and time, it is the divine presence. The Kingdom of God is not only Light, but it is All. If we are not connected to the core of our being, we are afraid of the dark side and of death. The yew helps us to experience the complete being in our being. It is the threshold tree and shows us the key out of the endless cycles. We belong to Being, we are sheltered in the Primordial Ground, we are part of the Divine. We are the divine. The yew promotes this healing, redemptive experience of wholeness.
Wolf Dieter Storl ❤
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