Idea Family Country Estate

What does not touch us does not transform us.

Carl Gustav Jung

The Idea

The idea of the family estate settlements comes from the book series "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" by W. Megre. In it, the protagonist Anastasia - a native working in the wilderness of the Siberian taiga, descendant of an ancient human race - describes, among other things, her vision of flourishing tribal country estates where people once again live independently in and with nature.

These books resonate with very many people on a soul level - in an unusual way, a kind of remembering of our own primordial being takes place, which sets us humans in motion to tread the path home, back to unity together with Mother Nature.

General - what is a family estate?

On a family country estate, a family lives as self-sufficiently and self-determinedly as possible. "Family" is defined here as "One person with his or her ancestors and descendants" - so individuals can also establish a family country seat. The family landowner can build up his family land seat at his own pace and design it according to his own preferences. A family country estate not only ensures sufficient space for self-sufficiency, but also provides the psychological space for a happy, creative life and harmonious development. It should be preserved across generations and become more beautiful and perfect over time. The following are the criteria:

  • Each family lives on +/- one hectare of land (10. 000 sqm²).
  • A living fence of shrubs and trees surrounds the hectare
  • At least one third of the country estate should be woodland
  • The buildings are made of natural materials, preferably from the surrounding area
  • Vegetable and herb gardens, nut and fruit trees as well as berry bushes contribute a large part of the food supply
  • A pond for bathing, for animals and plants, has a balancing effect on the microclimate.
  • Several family estates form a settlement, which are separated by paths.

Space of love

We consider the following to be one of our goals in life:

On our hectare of land - our family estate - we are building our space of love. This expresses for us that we live in a space that we continuously animate and that is in turn animate. This space of plants, animals and beings forms a unity that offers protection, security and love to all inhabitants of this space. We humans actively shape this space and thus take on the great responsibility of doing justice to all those inhabitants as best we can. We act in awareness of the unification of opposites - to bring the energies present in life into balance and harmony with each other. Every action we perform with love on the land and for the land, we get back in the same way from this habitat. We form a unity - we care for our habitat and our habitat cares for us. In this sense, we work to perfect our habitats.

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