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Talks about starting a self-determined life, family home, emigration

Have you been dreaming of an independent, self-sufficient, self-determined life and/or your own family home for a long time? Does the current world situation set you in motion? Do you still have questions that you would like someone with the relevant knowledge and practical experience to answer?

We, Christoph and Yella, have been living on our family estate since 2008 and 2009 respectively. During this time we have been able to gather a wealth of experience. We would now like to make the essence of this available to you - we will answer your questions on specific topics and encourage you to take the leap into the life of your dreams!

We can competently answer your questions and give you comprehensive tips in the following areas

House building (half-timbered, straw-earth and modifications): How do you build your own house with your own hands? What if I have absolutely no idea about it? Do I possibly need professional help after all? Everything from general basic planning to implementation and interior finishing.
Oven construction: You want to build your own oven? Whether it's a waste heat stove, a basic stove/heating oven, a cooking oven or a pizza oven, we explain the building principles for all kinds of wood-fired stoves made of the basic materials, brick, fireclay and clay.
Construction of special buildings: e.g. compost toilet, summer kitchen, sleeping pavilion.
Everything about plants: The kitchen garden and other useful/medicinal/ornamental plants, fruit and ornamental trees, conifers and deciduous shrubs, first steps into food self-sufficiency.
Keeping small animals: Do you want poultry, sheep and goats and/or "pets" to live on your family estate? How do I implement this so that everyone is optimally taken care of?
Living on a family country estate (FCE) : changing with the seasons: indoors and outdoors, appropriate buildings such as summer kitchen or summer sleeping quarters.
Possibility for inner changes through living on a FCE: Time factor - On the FCEyou can manage your time freely and feel you have more of it, while there is little/no distraction from the daily information you are almost constantly bombarded with in the city - what is the effect of this? We share with you our observations over the years.
Around the family estate: What is it? What is the concept behind it? Where did the idea come from? Do you have questions about the book series, Anastasia, the idea? This section is a hot tip for anyone dealing with sceptical relatives/friends.
Emigrating/"getting out": What to consider? First steps using Hungary as an example (authorities). What do you need (e.g. to buy land) so that you can "play along" at all? Playing along" may seem paradoxical at first, if you actually want to live self-sufficiently, but we will explain what it is all about.
Manufacturing products: How do I become more financially and materially independent in the things I need for my daily use?
Self-sufficient living: Getting started in self-sufficient living, what do I really need? How do I cover my basic needs, how much money do I need to live and how do I finance my livelihood?
Community: New forms of community require a paradigm shift - the conditioned community versus the community of the new age. We share with you our insights and experiences and the resulting solutions.
Self-sufficient living: Getting started in self-sufficient living, what do I really need? How do I cover my basic needs, how much money do I need to live and how do I finance my livelihood?
Pedagogical: As a trained pedagogue, Christoph answers your questions about school, homeschooling, free learning and other pedagogical matters.
Other: Do you have any other questions that you would like to ask? Then feel free to contact us at any time! We will let you know if we feel competent to answer these questions.

We will be happy to take the time to talk to you in detail via Skype (worldwide) or telephone (within the EU).
Depending on the topic, you will speak with Christoph, Yella or both.

Conversations cannot be booked individually, but are included in the package supporting membership plus.

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