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Who are you when you don't have to be anyone?

Christoph von Eibenheim

Christoph was born and raised in Switzerland. He has lived on his family estate since 2008. As a trained educator and learning facilitator, his focus is on interpersonal relationships and new social paradigms. Helping to build a world worth living in is one of his "hobby horses". On his country estate, he devotedly tends his tree nursery, swings his scythe through the wild meadow in the summer and his chainsaw to cut firewood in the winter. In fact, he is constantly building something - with a preference for dwellings for people and animals. In quieter times, he devotes himself to painting and music. He especially enjoys being able to "unwind" and enjoy what he has created.
Curriculum Vitae

Yella von Eibenheim

Yella was born and raised in Germany. She has lived on her family estate since 2009, where, as a trained nutritionist and wellness trainer, she still loves to produce and preserve edibles and care products. She is also passionate about sewing, devotedly tending to the animals and (potted) plants on the country estate, and is involved in self-reliant health and human development. She enjoys being able to manage her time freely, as well as the peace and closeness to nature that comes with living on a family estate.

The association

At the end of the year 2021 we have launched our association "Eibenheim - Space of love, for self-determination and development of consciousness".

The association, whose activity is not aimed at profit, promotes the joyful creation and design of a living space for the development of individual talents and abilities on all levels of human existence. It serves as a navigation aid for people in becoming aware and in processes of change on the physical, mental and spiritual levels in harmony with nature and the cosmos. The goal is to support all people who are ready to go this way, to live again from their heart and thus make it possible to lead a conscious, holistic, loving and self-determined life. An essential part of becoming conscious is recognizing the connections of all things from their origin. The impulses of like-minded people are to be strengthened and promoted in order to achieve a life-affirming way of life that corresponds to our spirit. The human being is in the center of this association, he is seen as a unity of body, mind and soul and is introduced to a conscious and sustainable way of life by means of the power of presence. In this way of looking at things, new ways for a coexistence of man, environment and nature are explored and compared. Based on the knowledge gained, possibilities for application and implementation are researched and passed on to other people for utilization by means of information and teaching activities.

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